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About Always CPR Training Center

Our Mission:
Always CPR Training Center is dedicated to the provision and support of training programs that educate the public and healthcare professionals in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), AED use, First Aid, and Workplace Safety. Our mission promotes the concept of strengthening the American Heart Association’s Chain of Survival in every community by making these programs equally accessible to all segments of the community.
Our Vision:
Underlying the mission is the vision and determination of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Emergency Cardiac Committee (ECC) to reduce disability and death due to heart disease and stroke. In order to accomplish the vision,
we seek to provide skills enhancement and knowledge acquisition opportunities, and to create innovative programs that address the needs for emergency training in the communities of which we are a part.
Our Values:
We are very passionate and relentless in our goal to continuously innovate and improve education to our customers… every way, every day and every customer.
Our History:
In 2003 Christian Hernandez EMT-P & Dr. Heriberto Hernandez started Advanced Emergency Training Center in Puerto Rico (PR15514) www.aprendacpr.com The Business grew exponentially so the family decided to open a US based Training Center for US Operations in  Texas. Always CPR Training Center is family owned and operated, so right from the start customers get the personal attention they deserve. We wanted to start a business that focused on “lay rescuers,” or people who are not medical professionals. Almost everyone we talk to said they should — or they want to — learn CPR, but do not know where to look for a class, do not think they would be good at it, or have other barriers that prevent them from taking the first step to learning.
We want everyone to know that there are very few reasons why you can’t learn CPR. We will come to your home or place of business to teach, seven days a week, and will work with your schedule to make sure you learn these precious skills.
All of our instructors have health-care experience and bring real life scenarios into the classroom. Most students are scared to learn CPR, but our instructors have lost count of how many times we’ve performed it in real life. We will make sure our students are not afraid of learning.

The best part of running our business is the hard work that goes into the entire process, from marketing to finding customers, to seeing the looks on their faces while they enjoy learning these life-saving skills. Our staff enjoys coming up with new ideas to make customers happy and different ways we can engage different audiences to learn CPR and first aid. The skills our students learn can be implemented into every aspect of their lives, from being prepared for family emergencies to emergencies at work.

Meet Our Team

Christian Hernandez - Always CPR President and CEO
Christian Hernandez
Dr. Heriberto Hernandez
Dr. Heriberto Hernandez
Latin America Operations / Partner
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